the private dwells within a building

the public does within it's outer appearance



From the fascination of historic facades derives my aim to envision how these established and familiar values of the historic can be implemented in our contemporary architecture. Analyzing which architectural elements and principles make the historic facades to it’s enchanting and engaging presence, in order to imagine how these inherited values can be recontextualized in our existing and prospective built environment. The creation of beauty, through the art of craft, was seen as the central task of the architect, conceptualizing how these can meet todays building possibilities and architectural visions is the essence of this project.







If you only consider utility

the things you build will soon be useless


- Roger Scruton

empire state building - 1930 - New York - skeleton construction - floating facade



- physical construction of a building does no longer serve as a source for ornaments -


- thanks to new technologies, skeleton construction , allowing the floating facade -


- arguing for a plain outlook of the facade -


- unless a new outlook can derive from it's digital construction and conception ... -

potentially materialized

recontextualizing historic values