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Many values that once formed our lives have fallen into oblivion in our modernised society. One of it is religion itself, existing but barely present, even though it holds the potential of society’s and individual’s moral health. This project embodies the questions ‘(How) can religion have, anew, a consistent place in our society?‘, ‘How may it’s intentions and values be translated to contemporary times?’ and ‘How can we have the past, with it’s cultural heritage evolve instead of having it extinguished?'

This altar, made out of stained glass, represents the pursuit of reintroducing sacredness into our lives.


Religion has always used beauty, in the form of art and architecture as the medium to our souls and has therefore left us with a great cultural heritage. The intruiging question would be how it's evolution as a source of grandios beauty, can take place, but also how we shall cope with the heritage given, which has lost it’s direct context. Giving this heritage a relevant, contemporary and reckoned context in which it can evolve and remain as a magnificent heritage to the future while having a genuine role in the present, is the soul of this project.