'I belong to no-one and to everyone - before entering you were already here - here you will remain after departing'

A project adding to the development of transforming the complex of Marienhage in Eindhoven,in cooperation with DELA, from a church and monastery towards a ritual center.


The Leidenfrost installation serves as an instrument implementing a modern ritual. A ritual that has been inspired by ancient ones, but has been liberated by known (religious) identities.


It welcomes everybody to come and have a ceremonial moment of joy or commemoration. It invites everyone to personalize the impersonal existence of a drop of water, to make it his story, his story of life


The long way before entering life is dramatized by the long tube the drop will come through, until it appears, dances and finally loosens itself in the void of mass of precedent drops.


It is a metaphor of the circle of life, chosen to be demonstrated by water, since water has been judged already by greeks to be the wisest by all elements. Since it would always choose for the easiest way to flow, avoiding any resistance and is the only element on earth being able to change it's aggregate forth and back, without loosing it's materiality.


The installation will be in a semi-public area, when approached a drop will appear, when several people approaching, several drops will.


With it's crystal clear sound, when touching the plate and it's surprising materiality, since it stays a perfectly round drop, dancing around, it becomes a very intriguing and poetic place for ceremonial grief and joy. '