Physical construction once was the source of ornamenting. Inevitable parts of the building structure became unintentionally part of the facade and where therefore beautified. These stone or wooden beams were crafted into carved and painted elements. If today we would be aiming in using these ornamental elements again, we would not just be dishonest by using their plaster replicas, but by the mere idea of suggesting a ornamented finishing of a building structure which is no longer part of the building. Today’s construction is a skeleton like, made from steel or concrete, which is responsible for the entire bearing, allowing a floating facade. We can no longer reason decorative elements as beautifier or indicator of building’s physical structure, justifying the often plain appearances of buildings.

Even though this seems perfectly rational, I am about to suggest a different rationality within this discussion. If our architecture styles, it’s aesthetically heritage and notion of beauty derived from the physical construction being beautified. What does this mean for the contemporary? We’re no longer constructing in the limits of the human scale, our limits have by far exceeded the dimensions of the hand. The design is no longer based on craft, but by computer generated programs. The aesthetics of a building shall therefore derive from the medium being used conceiving them. There are buildings which do speak about a computer generated appearance, but which I believe have not successfully made the connection to our inherited notion of architectural beauty. They become new objects by themselves and can not be considered to be within the rationality of continuity I am aiming for. This rationality of continuity may only be conceived if the aesthetics derive from the computer generated, but only if in a dialogue with the architect in the role of the artist. In this case the outcome can be seen as the continuity of our great pre modern heritage meeting contemporary terms.

Architecture is to be seen as the greatest of fine arts, speaking in the term of surfaces covered, accessibility, it’s impact and size of audience, the architect shall remain to be seen as an great artist.


aimed form

digital - geometrical construction

in order to obtain aimed form